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The Higgs, a bag of bricks!

Higgs, Bag of bricks

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Scrutiny test!

Today, scientist gladly admit that they have all the math and knowledge at hand to calculate, very precisely, the age of our universe (13.798 billion years) within an error smaller than 0.21%.

Amazing, isn’t it?

But that’s not all!

They can even reconstruct, in detail, through computer simulations, the unfoldment of our universe starting from a singularity that according to the best estimates and meticulous considerations, has no size at all, yet contained from within all the past and future energy of our universe.

This Singularity, under the influence of its schizophrenic disorder, underwent a delusional bang, that in conformity with the theory of relativity and first order deep space observational facts, is running away from us with a speed that increases logarithmic with human stupidity.

Human stupidity

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Although, they don’t know in what this singularity was exploding, nor in what the universe is growing, we’re assured that this speeding-up of the universe is not in violation with the law of conservation of energy (which says that you can never take more energy out of a system then was initially present in it).

Yet, we can all observe that things after an explosion slow down or move according to the law of inertia with a constant velocity in interstellar space.

They also claim that the empty space contained within the expanding universe is the Higgs field.

This field, as a consequence of its David Copperfield like properties, doesn’t only pertain a constant energy-density in space while undergoing metric expansion.
It outperforms by far Jesus miraculous act of transforming five loaves of bread and two fish into a meal for five thousand hungry men.


Of course, modesty is of order here, so these geniuses confess that there is still some room left for script revision.
After all, their mathematics allows them only to start from 0,00000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 second after ignition-point.

Sorry for that!

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[/caption]But hey, don’t worry, the evolution of this delirious singularity from that point on is well understood by them.

They even figured out that 100 billion years from now, the universe will end so horrifying that even St. John will laugh aloud when his envisioned apocalypse knocks at our door.

In case your common-sense fails to bend around these old philosophical ideas of spontaneous creation, its unfolding and final collapse, then this must be due to your lack of knowledge of concepts such as:

Evidently, the black hole must be big enough to make sure that during the tunnelling process nothing remains entangled in the 4 dimensions we allegedly inhabit.

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But hey, we speak of science here, so extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence!

For that, an experiment was setup by the secular high priests of science to detect at least one Higgs boson in the debris of the remnants of zillions of smashed protons.
Debris experts, from all over the world, were called to the scene.

And guess what?


After careful observations and round table debate, it was agreed upon that traces of the signatures of the Higgs boson were clearly present.

To immortalize the inventor Higgs (and the less known François Englert) of the Higgs boson and Higgs field, scientific canonization was performed by handing over the Noble prize, in December 2013, by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

It makes us wonder:

‘aren’t these folks rushing to such conclusions to keep their mental scaffold standing on doubtable grounds’?

After all, it’s a well-known and demonstrable fact, that even in a shithole you can always find some nickels for as long the shithole is big enough!

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The worldwide renowned Astrophysicist George F. R. Ellis says, I quote:

“People need to be aware that there is a range of models that could explain the observations…”.

In other words, what George F.R. is telling us is that we, besides good related observational reasoning, should emphasis on common sense; and that hiding nonsensical things under coherent mathematical nonsense doesn’t make the model truth related.

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Take for example the deceased Stephan Hawking, a bestselling theoretical physicist that has proven nothing useful and is in the habit of losing one bet after the other, declared on so-called intellectual grounds that philosophy is dead.

So, we ponder:

‘how the hell can we ever understand the essence of things if philosophical reasoning, although it gave us logic, is good for nothing’?

Evidently, secular priests will justify their conclusions by means of functional but ridicule equations that look expensive on cheap toilet paper.
But be assured, their constructs aren’t resistant to a clean wipe.

Wiping clean

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If the science establishment want to keep going with their nonsense, then we propose to introduce here ‘the scrutiny test’, as is demonstrated hereunder by Zen master Pingki-Pong.


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Obviously, those endowed in quantum physical reasoning could claim that Zen master Pingki-Pong, through years of meditation, has succeeded somehow to mentally project certain body parts into another dimension when danger is lurking around.

To avoid faking, it’s mandatory that doctor Nut, a neutral observer, is positioned behind Master Pingki-Pong, to establish that during the scrutiny test no quantum tunnelling has taken place through the dark portal of Master Zen’s body.

In brief, if science wants to sidestep the scrutiny test, then science must reinstate common-sense as a useful and valid investigational tool to come to terms with first order observational facts.

In the meantime, we, Godinci, declare openly the Higgs-field & Higgs-particles (as professed today) as nothing more than a bag of bricks.

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