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Mental enslavement

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The perversion of marketing


The American Abraham Maslow, probably inspired by Darwinian and Freudian philosophies, studied exclusively what he called “exemplar people” such as Albert Einstein and Frederick Douglass, to come up with his theory of needs.

He excluded what he called the immature, weak…sick (probably homosexuals included), since this, in his view, would result in a cripple deviated ‘psychology and philosophy’.

Maslow concluded that human needs can be classified into Innate ‘basic’ and ‘secondary’ needs.

Primary needs are in essence natural or unlearned needs and determined by factors innate to a person or his/her environment, such as food, safety, shelter, sex, clothing, etc.
In essence, innate primary needs fulfil our biological needs.
At the other hand, secondary needs are those dealing with desires and wants, such as entertainment, education, esteem, culture, and leisure time.

Secondary needs become important when the primary needs are reasonably satisfied. Thus, secondary needs relate to the fulfilment of psycho-social conditions.

Maslow configured the human needs in a pyramidal structure called ‘Maslow’s pyramid’.

The lowest two levels of Maslow’s pyramid relate to our ‘survival needs’ and are very animalistic in nature.
The top of the pyramid (pyramidion) is associated with self-actualization, more specific, ‘the needs of identity and purpose in the greater whole’.

Secondary needs can only be the subject of focus when the primary needs are satisfied, yet when that’s no longer the case than a temporally refocus will occur such to guarantee the unfulfilled needs of the lower levels.
That’s why, in general, family budgets are firstly allocated to meet their primary needs, and afterwards to satisfy their acquired secondary needs.

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Given that humans are mental beings implies that their guiding behaviour, and evolution of the Self, is strongly influenced and shaped by their worldview that is often an implicit imposed attribute.

It took not long, for People wanting to dominate and control other people, to realize that external-induced, yet self-sustained mental enslavement’ of the world’s population was the way to go.

Self-sustained mental enslavement’ occurs when man, based on their external-induced notion of life, rational accepts to remain behavioral wise controlled by their animalistic nature.

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Here’s where the applied science of marketing and propaganda comes into play.

In theory, marketing is the science which focuses primarily on the business of finding, developing, promoting, and selling products and services for which there is a concrete demand and/or satisfies our real or artificial needs through use of different advertising tools.

Marketing has therefore tangency with economy and applied psycho-sociology, the latter studies the motivations behind the preferences and consumption requirements of the consumers.

However, for all practical purpose, marketing was invented to try satisfying the immoral compulsive overeating disordered corporative wolfs of their unceasing greed through aggressive promotion and persuasion techniques of their seemingly tasty, yet deadly bait.

To achieve in these despicable goals, science, initially ‘psychology and sociology’, have been perverted, on obscure grounds, to transform people, at any cost, in consumerist lambs that feed on their external-induced needs to such extend that their animalistic component gets resurrected in the process of it.

If you doubt in its efficacy just look how people are willingly running and fighting to arrive among the first on the graveyards of decadency to grab the morbid products and services that gives them, through delirious association, a false satisfaction of the Self.

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Of course, science ‘progresses’, and so, these days neuroscience is used to directly tap into our subconscious and ‘reptilian brain’ to manipulate our affective responses to artificial stimuli, so that the required consumerist behavioral outcomes are guaranteed.

Although man, in view of their instincts, physical appearance and biological structure, might be classified as animal-like, we, above all, are mental beings.

We, in contrast to animals, must therefore infer our true recoverable nature, so that we might live in accordance with our true essence, and guarantee true growth.

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Science, in our view, has the moral duty to help us flourish without discrimination in accordance with our true recoverable nature, since it lays in her power to do so!

Godinci cannot remain indifferent noticing how science and her institutions are willingly (for financial gain or predisposition) perverting the tool by using it to help satisfy false external induced needs.

We therefore demand aloud and explicitly that science as a whole should be adjusted so to help people liberate themselves from their mental enslavement.

This by inferring and elucidating our true inherent recoverable needs, through the development and promotion of products and services that appear unrestricted and free on the market, to allow us of true growth by inciting us to behave accordingly.

Only like this can, each in accordance with their own mental containing capacity and skills, become active participants in the building, developing, and preservation of the Baracracy.

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