The principles of harmonation

What’s it all about?


In our second book ‘the universal principles of Harmonation’ we show to the reader how, by means of Godincilogy, it becomes possible, without being absurd, to extract and comprehend Primordative – i.e. from its essential level – most of the fundamental laws and underlying work-principles of Nature that are beneficial for our wellbeing, be it as individual our society as a whole.

The book clearly shows how theology, philosophy and science must be fused together to produce a truth-related picture of the World and self.

We do this by teaching you in step-wards manner how to travel, guided by Godincilogy, through the labyrinth of space and how Fundamental Nature and Self can be understood.

Key concepts:

  • What are the governing work principles of Nature as a whole?
  • What are obstruction laws?
  • What kind of tensions are out there in Nature and how to recognize them?
  • What is polarity and where does it come from?
  • Why are some people homosexual?
  • Does the scientific Adam-Eva exist and what can Godincilogy tells us about it?
  • What is information?
  • How are work-principles translated in the different planes and how to read them without being absurd?
  • What are the attraction laws and how do they come about?
  • What is the physics of love?
  • How and by means of which principles are things binded?