Falling grounds

(The Pathway Out – Vol. I)


The story occurs at the end of Ceausescu’s reign, when Romania was undergoing strong repression.

One day, Prof. Vlad realizes that materialism is illusive and science, as practiced today, doesn’t allow him to go to the bottom of things; he has a breakdown and wants to denounce science altogether.
Novac and Ana believe that Peter is the solution to Vlad’s problem. They convince Vlad to invite Peter to Bucharest and travel with them through Romania, while changing ideas.

The Securist “Preda” suspects that Peter is a KGB agent who wants to spread capitalist ideas and violently overthrow Ceausescu’s regime.
Preda’s suspicion solidifies when he realizes that Novac was his school teacher from long ago that betrayed him.

Preda is convinced!

This is not only his opportunity to come to terms with ‘Novac’, but also to materialize his dream of becoming nation’s ‘true hero’, by cracking down on this dangerous plot.

Main Characters

The heroes of Falling Grounds

The heroes of Falling Grounds

  • Vlad, professor in physics, die-hard materialist with a tunnel vision;crude but reliable. Strongly paranoiac, anti-religious and promoter of communism.
  • Ana,  Vlad’s wife, extreme believer in  the doctrines of the Orthodox Church; seemingly naive but warm-hearted. Hates atheists and strongly antisemitic.
  • Novac, an apostasy of communism and Marxism. His past life hunts him down and sorrows are treated with bottles; he’s in for a change.
  • Preda, a secret police captain with a traumatic past; a conspiracist with a dark vision. He’s vicious and merciless.
  • Peter, the guest and  Dutch-Belgian scholar; suspected of being a KGB agent with a destructive mission.


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  • Paper format: 9.4 by 6.7 inch / 23.83 by 17 cm;
  • Print size: 7.96 by 5.47 inch / 20.22 by 13.89 cm;
  • Number of pages: 349 full color (hardcover not included);
  • Language: English.