“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”

(Leonardo Da Vinci)

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”
(Leonardo Da Vinci)

Smoothing our path to accomplishment

Who needs books?

Books, in all their forms, are very useful tools for transferring knowledge.
Godinci has therefor decided to develop a variety of books for all those longing to collect a truth-related understanding of Nature and Self.

That’s done so that each of you, according to their skills and mental containing capacity, can partake in building and preserving the Baracracy that facilitates and maximizes our becoming towards our cosmic purpose.

At present we have two graphic novels from the collection The Pathway Out and two books in progress from the collection The Principles of Harmonation.

The Pathway Out!

  1. Falling grounds
  2. Da Vinci’s Lost dream

For plot, character description, book preview and trailer visit here.

The Principles of Harmonation

We also have two educational books in progress:

The World we live in

In Our first book ‘The world we live in’ we start by weighing the truth-potential of ontological materialism – i.e., the doctrine that ‘matter and energy are all there is – and draw our insights to their logical conclusions.Afterwards, we investigate related questions regarding the material and immaterial realm, and how the Universe is organized, and the entities unfold therein.

At this stage the reader will have understood that there is an imminent need for the development of a new observation methodology that allow us, in simple ways, to come to fundamental and truth-related insights about Nature and Self.That’s where Godincilogy gets proposed.

Key concepts:

  • What’s the nature of reality?
  • Is all Energy?
  • Why something rather than nothing?
  • What is GOD, and how does GOD relate to Nature?
  • What religion gets wrong?
  • Is today’s science striving to align with truth?
  • How does the physical and none-physical intertwine?
  • Where does behaviour come from?
  • Is consciousness an emergent property of Stuff?
  • What does panpsychism have to offer?
  • Does causality hold true?
  • What drives evolution, and what are its limits?
  • Substance monism, Substance dualism or what else?
  • What kind of purposes are out there?
  • Are bits the building blocks of Stuff?
  • How to extract the underlying Work-Principles of Nature and Self?
  • What’s the relation between Work-principles and Work-Mechanisms?
  • How is the Universe structured?
  • What are Godinci’s Observation Tools (GOT)


Book status: Not available yet

The Principles of Advaration

In The principles of Advaration we show you how, by means of Godincilogy, it becomes possible to extract, comprehend and come to truth-related conclusions regarding the underlying Work-principles of the Universe.

We’ll do these by observing the different entities residing in the different planes of the Universe and investigate Verolative what Work-principles they have in common.Afterwards, we’ll investigate Primordative – i.e., from the essential level – most of the fundamental laws of Nature that are vital and beneficial for our wellbeing, be it as individual or society as a whole.

All this is mainly done by asking several related questions concerning physical reality that later on gets investigated Verolative.Is in that way we’ll show how, guided by Godincilogy, you can travel in step-wards fashion through the labyrinth of space, and come to a truth-related understanding of Nature and Self.

Key concepts:

  • What are the governing Work-principles of Nature as a whole?
  • What are obstruction laws?
  • What’s internal tension and its role?
  • Where does polarity come from and why does it matter?
  • What are the different kinds of attraction out there, and what principles of attraction have they in common?
  • Being Female or male, is it biological or more?
  • What is a Primity, and do they exist?
  • What are binding entities?
  • How and by means of which principles are things binded?
  • How, and by what principles, are things binded?
  • How are Work-Principles translated in the different planes, and how to read them without being absurd?
  • What are Paponic principles and Godinciples?
  • What’s the difference between harmony and Harmonation?
  • What is the science of ‘falling in love’ and ‘love’?
  • What’s Advaration, and why does it matter?
  • Is dead final?


Book status: Not available yet


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