Learning programs

Why education matters?

Education plays a fundamental role in shaping society since it can prepare its citizens to become active and functional members by teaching them how to preserve and improve their society to the best of their abilities and skills.

Of course, being active and functional members of a society doesn’t mean that its inhabitants will live moral lives nor that society will allow them of ‘true growth’.
The problem is that human behavior is largely driven by our notion of the World and Self, so, we better be sure that our views and insights in regard hereto are truth-related.

The story of Kwakel

How do we get there?

So far we have done 14 years of research and investigated how Nature and Self has to be investigated to come to truth-related conclusions about it.

This allowed us to developed a rigorous truth-alignment methodology we came to call “Godincilogy”.

We’re therefore eager to outline you how Godincilogy allows you:

  • to observe Nature and Self, and come to truth-related conclusions without having to depend on the fantasies of others;
  • to transmute the acquisitioned knowledge into tangible means that are prolific in facilitating the principles of Harmonation and maximizes our becoming towards or cosmic purpose.

With this in view, different learning programs have been developed to enable all truth seeker, each according to their own mental containing capacity and skills and willing of doing the required effort, to become the second generation Leonardo da Vinci’s by:

  1. mastering how to observe Nature and Self;
  2. use these observations to formulate truth-related conclusions;
  3. transforming the accumulated knowledge into wonders of bliss that are beneficial for the Baracracy, and
  4. become active participants for the planning, building and well-being of the Baracracy.

What courses do we offer?

So far Godinci is developing three standard courses forming one Pyramid of knowledge.

The first two courses are related to the analytic form of Godincilogy while the final course relates to Baraneering – i.e. the applied form of Godincilogy.

For more information visit Godinci Academy