Why Godincilogy?

Since the dawn of mankind, we have been trying to understand and depict ‘the world we live in’ and used these understandings to ‘conduct our lives’ and ‘mold societies’ with.

Up till now, three kinds of tools were developed to cope with this task, these, in chronological order, are:

  1. theology/religion;
  2. philosophy, and
  3. science.

Unfortunately, as is often the case in History, the emplacement of the new tool goes frequently hand in hand with the deliberate rejection of the old tool(s), as if there ‘was’ and ‘is’ nothing utilitarian and truthful to them.
Evidently, some tools, depending on the task they set-out to do, are more suitable than others, but this is altogether another thing.

However, we want to point out that modern science, on false grounds and strongly driven by historical reasons, has come to promote ‘ontological materialism’ – i.e. Matter and energy are all there is –  and enforces ‘methodological materialism’ upon us – i.e. all must be explained in terms of Matter and energy.
Modern science can therefore not be used as an adequate truth-alignments methodology because it reduces fundamental Nature to the structural level and overlooks that Nature is secondary.

Who cares?

The problem is that our concept of truth doesn’t only determinate our understanding of the World and Self but also the way we live or lives; it’s therefore important that our insights are truth-related – i.e. have tangency with the true nature of things.

These days all truths are considered ‘relative’ since it is postulated to be ‘reference dependent’ – i.e. truth seemingly depends on the way ‘how’ and ‘from where’ we look to things; as if a dog becomes a chair because we look to it upside-down.
In such a worldview the unchangeable becomes changeable and the nonsensical sensible; but most important of all,  the lack of a consistent and truth-related worldview depart us from ‘true growth’ and is characterized by what we ‘Godinci’ call ‘chameleon syndrome’.

Just to give some examples:

  • yesterday people where nothing more than an illusion, today man is the coincidence of  the Big Bang and tomorrow he is a holographic reincarnation of a Martian;
  • yesterday our world was 3 dimensional, today we live in 11 dimensions and tomorrow we      will all be part of a huge singularity, having no dimensions at all.

This brings us to the ‘questionable question’ Pilate asked to the ‘questionable Christ’:

What is truth?

Determining what is true and what is false is not always straightforward because there’re different kinds of truths out there, such as:

  • Conditional truths – e.g. if A than B, water evaporates when warm;
  • Dependable truths – e.g. the wall will hold for as long you support it;
  • temporally truths – e.g. the bird is flying;
  • Subjective truths – e.g. the water is pleasingly warm;
  • Situational truths – e.g. the Sun on planet Earth rises East and sets West.

Thus, we cannot always extract or deduce the truth potential of any proposition what so ever.

However, there’re truths out there that can be extracted and understood through use of observable facts, known things and commonsense related reasoning because they deal with the essence of things and their relationals.
Such truths are what we call in Godincilogy “Absolutes” and are self-evident when properly understood.


What’s in for us?

The Renaissance man ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ regarded men as the center of the universe and considered observation of the perceptible and its subjection to experiment as an essential first step in trying to unravel the work-mechanisms of Nature and Self.

His simple toolbox of observation, experimentation, applied mathematics and commonsense related reasoning, allowed him, as no one else of his time, to transform the acquisitioned knowledge into a multitude of practical application to serve men’s aspirations.

However, at the end of his life he realized that investigating and understanding Nature from object without more, could not help us to unravel the deeper underlying nature of things, since man, although containing it all is not the center of all!

Craftsmen/women, just as science, can only do what their tools allow them of doing; thus, to liberate ourselves from the ‘chameleon syndrome’ we must not only develop the appropriate investigational tools that allow us to probe and understand fundamental Nature such to produce a truth-related and coherent picture thereof, but also develop and deploy all tangible means that allow us of ‘true growth’.

That’s why we, at Godinci, have picked-up were Leonardo left-of and developed a refined truth alignment methodology we came to call ‘Godincilogy’ that allows us to come to truth-related conclusions about Nature and Her relationals, especially win dealing with the underlying work-principles of Nature.

Godincilogy, amongst other things, allows you to become a second generation ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’, by helping you to:

  • come to truth related conclusions regarding the essence of things and underlying work-principles of Nature and Self;
  • transform the acquisitioned knowledge in all wonders of bliss, and
  • become active participants in planning, building, improving and preserving the Baracracy.

Unleashing ourselves from our shadows of ego!