“Nothing can be loved or hated unless it’s first understood.”
(Leonardo Da Vinci)


“Nothing can be loved or hated unless it’s first understood.”

(Leonardo Da Vinci)

Unravelling the nature of Nature

Why Godincilogy?

Since the dawn of mankind, we’ve been trying to understand and depict ‘the world we live in’ such to figure out how to conduct our lives and mould society.

To live our life to the best of its potential it’s important that our insights are truth related.
Unfortunately, these days ‘truth’ seemingly depends on the way ‘how’ and ‘from where’ we look at things, as if a dog becomes a chair because we look at it upside-down.

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In such a worldview the unchangeable becomes changeable, and the nonsensical reasonable.

This lack of a consistent and truth-related Worldview leads to what we call chameleon syndrome and depart us from ‘true growth.

For example, yesterday people were nothing more than an illusion, today man, a deviate of Lucy, is the end-product of an anxious singularity having no dimensions at all, and tomorrow man is a holographic reincarnation of a Martian that thought itself into existence.

Evidently, only man, not the Universe, can be that delusional!

How to unravel?

Leonardo da Vinci saw man at the center of the Universe and considered observation of the perceptible and its subjection to experimentation essential to unravel the Work-Mechanisms of Nature and Self.

His simple toolbox of observation, experimentation, mathematics, and common-sense related reasoning, allowed him, as no one else of his time, to transform the acquisitioned knowledge into a multitude of practical application to serve man’s aspirations.

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However, Da Vinci at the end of his life realized that investigating and understanding Nature from object without more, could not help us to unravel the deeper underlying nature of things, as craftsmen can only do what their tools allow them of doing.

We, at Godinci, have picked-up were Da Vinci left-off, and over the years have refined and adjusted Da Vinci’s method to develop a truth-alignment methodology, we came to call Godincilogy, and is our gift to mankind.

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