Why God?

Some of you may wonder and ask why GOD plays any role in our website if we claim to not be religious motivated?

The reason is simple.

If GOD is real and has relational attributes with Nature, then ramifications must necessarily follow from it; thus, the question “is GOD real”, and if so, “does GOD has relation attributes with Nature” becomes the most fundamental questions one may ask.

Indeed, if GOD is real and has relational attributes with Nature then collecting and forming a truth-related picture of  GOD’s relational attributes is not only important for our understanding of Nature and Self but also indispensable for the instauration, preservation and well-being of the Baracracy.

It’s therefore Godinci’s mission to outline and demonstrate all truth seekers how Godincilogy allows us, each in accordance with our own mental containing capacity, to come to truth-related insights about Nature and Self.