“Our body is dependent on Heaven and Heaven on the Spirit.”
(Leonardo Da Vinci)


“Our body is dependent on Heaven and Heaven on the Spirit.”

(Leonardo Da Vinci)

Demystifying the knowable Knower

Getting our act together?

We hear you thinking: why including the topic of GOD on our website, if we aren’t religious motivated?

Well, religion and GOD are two different subjects since one can believe in GOD without being religious or being religious without believing in GOD.

There’s much confusion about the concept of GOD because numerous meanings and attributes have been given to GOD, and these attributes, such as God’s powers, occupations, and affiliations, not only vary largely from culture to culture, but are often in disagreement with each other, making planetary consensus utopia.


What’s in for us?

Nevertheless, if GOD is real and has, as Godinci came to understand, relational attributes with Nature, then investigating GOD is very similar as investigating Nature, with the exception that GOD is immaterial.

Godincilogy, allows us to investigate the unseen by means of the seen, hence lends itself perfectly for that task.

That’s why we see it as an integral part of our mission to outline and demonstrate all truth seekers how, each in accordance with their own mental containing capacity, and by use of Godincilogy, can come to truth-related insights about GOD and His relationals with Nature and Self.

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