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Claiming our right to global prosperity!

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The failure of modern society.

We are living in an age marked by social difficulties and accusations, because our socio-economical systems only produce false promissory notes and generate cyclical financial crisis leading to the loss of Self.

The capitalist and communist model of society have proved their nullity.
Their impotence in ensuring a decent standard of living for all its population is measurable in the degree of depression, disease, and dissatisfaction of its people.

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Allow us to put that in perspective.

The architects of ‘modern capitalism promised that ‘true social evolution and prosperity’ can be achieved by means of consumerism, which would guarantee the perpetuation of welfare and jobs for a sufficiently large number of people.
This, in return, would stimulate self-expression and individuality, resulting in a healthy society.

Nevertheless, in such hilarious system competitiveness, ranging from human resources to consumer products and services, governs everything in its pattern, and brings tribute to the praised Darwinian doctrines of:

“eat or be eaten”, “crush or be crushed”, “dominate or be dominated’, “rape or be raped”.

Also, the communist totalitarian system proves to be inoperative.

There, populace needs are undermined by idiotic atheistic state ambitions, and terror tactics are brutally enforced upon their opposing members to strip-off their self-dignity.

People are often massively deported to the hyper-industrialized urban centers, where they must produce low quality goods for the internal market and better-quality goods to satisfy the external consumerism demands.
In communist countries people have learned to not trust each other because informers are everywhere and obstruct people of a proper growth.

Much of today’s educated youth, with skills and degrees formally appreciated and competitive, have, as a result of the incompetency of our socio-economical systems, no money to guarantee their essential needs as a human being, managing increasingly harder how to survive from one day to another, and are often forced to live on food stamps, or become intellectual clochards.

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In these conditions, more people, in response to stress and suppression of the unmet fundamental needs inflected upon them by society, develop psychosomatic and metabolic diseases that cannot longer be cured by their own means.
They become easy prey for pharmaceutical crows that make quick pickings out of them.

The problem is that the socio-economic patterns employed by the governing nations neglects one of Nature’s most fundamental laws “the law of conservation”.

We’re therefore heading towards global financial and moral bankruptcy, because its inflationary principles – i.e., unjustified massive increase of prices, reduction of income, and artificial creation of money out of nothing for purpose of perpetuation – resembles more and more those of any cosmological inflation theory.

Needless to say, that any system subscribing to such rules is doomed to collapse under its own burden of stupidity.

That’s why an increasing number of people wonder, and ask for good reason:

“Where are we heading to?”

Stop outlining us that the World economy will self-regulate and stop threating Mother Nature as a prostitute that can be gangbanged at will for personal gain.

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We have a great responsibility towards ourselves, our offspring, and the world we inhabit.
The time of declarations of principles has long passed.

We therefore demand to the ruling bodies firm actions, such to put in place new and truth related socio-economic principles allowing us of true growth.

We must stop superficial thinking, reclaim common-sense, get involved, and hold the public authorities and science community responsible for not acting in full awareness to solve the effects of socio-economic degeneration in a resolute manner.

Otherwise, coming generations will regret not doing what ‘could’ and ‘should’ be done.

Godinci is claiming our right to global prosperity and considers it absolutely necessary to start using science for what it was intended to do – not for defending absurd philosophical predispositions or feeding vicious corporative wolfs.

In that regard, we demand to organize round table discussions with specialists in economy, finances, science, engineering, Godincilogy and Baraneering.

Watch out!

This not just to draw attention of the public opinion on the causes and effects of our present deprived societal state, but to derive, develop and implement, by means of conjugated action, all tangibles that allow us of true growth.
Herewith not only guaranteeing holistic effects, but resolute eradicating social exclusion and dissatisfaction.

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