What is it good for?

Technology has been around us since the first “wilder mann” walked the face of Earth and resulted as a product of our mental capacity to observe, (commonsense) related reasoning, and our tool-making abilities which allow us to generate problem solving tangibles that improve and/or satisfy our individual and/or communal needs.

Hence, it might be said that technology is any artificial generated tangible that strives to ease or solve certain problems to satisfy particular and/or communal needs.
Technology has therefore a synergetic relation with society since it can facilitate the socio-political goals of it.

The problem is that any erroneous view and comprehension of Nature and Self will undoubtedly lead to the fulfillment of wrong needs, consequently to the development of wrong structures and technologies that not only negatively affect mankind but also our planet as a whole.

In today’s western society numerous examples can be given of technologies that although advantage from pure economic considerations are demonstrable harmful for men and his environment.

Let us give some example to make our point clear:

  • Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) is a very straightforward and cost-effective way to extract gas and oil but can be very harmful for the environment in the long run;
  • GMO’S increase our capacity to make and control food according to certain specifications but is a serious threat to the ecosystem as a whole and introduces potential dangers in the human system;
  • antibiotics have solved significant problems for health related issues, yet, in doing so we have weakened our immune system;
  • Social-media allow young and old to be connected worldwide nonetheless the content and information to which people are ‘subjected to’ often promote and induce wrong behavioral patterns.

Is Godinci Technophobic?

We, at Godinci, are no technophobes but embrace technology with all our might since technology can drastically accelerate and ease of our evolutionary process and the lack of technology is demonstrable not beneficial for humans – just think of some parts of Africa, India and Asia for this purpose.

What we say is that even though our scientific knowledge has led to an explosion of technological applications in fields such as entertainment, commerce, medicine, education, crime, warfare, social-life, industry, design, art, law, etc., we cannot deny the numerous obscure technologies that followed here from.

To avoid social degeneration through technological prostitution we must understand and define what problems to smooth and which needs to satisfy so that we can assures us of the fact that the tangibles we develop and implement are beneficial for the Baracracy as a whole.