Humans, just as all so called ‘animate things’, are subject to adaptive evolution, however, the adaptability of humans is not so much of physical or biological nature since humans, in comparison to animate things, clearly lack in these potentials.
However, humans can largely bypass their physio-biological shortcomings through their capacity of observation, commonsense related reasoning and tool-making abilities.

The evolution of humans, in contrast to all other so called animate things, is therefore no longer simply a matter of adaptation to external pressures and circumstances to which they’re subject to, but overall a directional process that can be accelerated by all of us if properly understood.
However, our notion of the World cultivates behavioral patterns in us that pushes us towards certain inclinations which is why a wrong understanding of Nature and Self will in the short or long run not be fruitful for our species.


What rules to play with?


Trying to pin down the rules of conduct has long been the business of institutionalized religions and philosophy, leading to a multiplicity of “moral theories”.
Today it’s the turn of modern science to gaze for superior fishing grounds; unfortunately, methodological materialism blocks all drainpipes with crap, herewith transforming any oasis in a putrid pool of mud.

If we want to establish an appropriate set of rules, principles and mechanisms for the well-being of the Baracracy then we must deduce, formulate, develop and implement all goal-attaining means.

Godincilogy is very useful in this regard since it allows us to extract, to some extent, all precepts that are required to facilitate the principles of Harmonation and maximizes our becoming towards our cosmic purpose.
These insights allow us to develop and implement the best socio-psycho rules of conduct and goal-attaining tools that allows for the fructification of it all.