What is Baraneering?

To put it simple: Baraneering is the applied form of Godincilogy.

In a sense we might say that:

  • ‘Baraneering’ is to ‘Godincilogy’ as ‘engineering’ is to ‘science’ – i.e. science, just as Godincilogy, tends to explore and discover the laws of Nature although be it at a different level, while
  • ‘engineering’, just as ‘Baraneering’, tends to transform the acquisitioned knowledge into tangible means.

However, the difference between ‘Baraneering and engineering’ and ‘Godincilogy and science’ is that:

  • Baraneering, in contrast to engineering, only tries to develop tangibles that facilitate the universal principles of Harmonation, maximizes our becoming towards our cosmic purpose, and is beneficial for Baracracy, while
  • Godincilogy, in contrast to science, focuses rather on the underlying work-principles of Nature and self, and not so much on the work-mechanisms and structural laws since these are in essence always secondary in nature, hence, doesn’t allow us to derive a truth-related holistic picture of Nature and self.

Why Baraneering?

It’s not enough to produce a truth-related vision of Nature and self, we should also strive to transform the acquisitioned knowledge into practical applications, by observing, designing and or reproducing the (best) tangibles that are prolific, and beneficial, for the instauration and preservation of a Baracracy.