Unwrapping our gift to claim our spiritual birthrights

Christmas message 2015

Written by Godinci

wrapped gift

During Christmas, billions of Christians all over the world commemorate the New Testament narrative of the birth of Christ as a fulfillment of the old Testament’s Messianic prophecy.
Yet, Jesus and Paul made apparent that religion and their celebrations are not about adhering to absurd doctrines and blindly believe in scriptural narratives, but rather an esoteric guideline to practical knowledge (gnosis) concerned with becoming true sons and daughters of GOD”.

It’s from this context that I wish to outline you, in simple terms, and by use of
analogical resemblance, what Christmas actually symbolizes.


It’s a well known fact that when we give precious gifts to each other than we like to conceal our gift by wrapping it. The one receiving the gift can only admire the gift to its fullest potential if he/she unwraps the gift and uses it for its intended function.

Jesus the Christ” was GOD’S precious gift to mankind that was wrapped in the flesh because it was delivered by the flesh; although, GOD’s true gift was of spiritual nature.
Now, factual we’re all GOD’S children, thus, all part of GOD’S precious Gift with Christ potential in us.

That’s why on Christmas we celebrate our being (i.e. GOD’S gift), and are kindly reminded to claim our spiritual birthrights by unwrapping us from the bodily through our alignment with GOD. Only like this can we give birth to the Christ within us, and become the true sons and daughters of GOD!

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016!


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