Resurrecting together! – Easter message 2014

Written by Godinci.

Resurrecting together

Easter was primarily related to the period of the year where the Greeks and Romans worshipped the goddess of sex and fertility “Ishtar”, and was often celebrated at the vernal equinox which announced the first day of spring. Today, in the Christian tradition, Easter symbolizes the ‘resurrection’ of Christ; but what do we mean with resurrection?

To understand the spiritual meaning of resurrection it is required that we comprehend the words ‘life’ and ‘death’, because resurrection means in essence: the act of rising from the ‘dead’, or returning to ‘life’. At first, revealing what is meant with resurrection seems a difficult task, but after some reflection the veil of uncertainty can easily been lifted.


Let us explain.

A living thing is anything that has the potential, be it in becoming or in being, to become self-aware, while a mental being is any being that can have knowledge of GOD’S factuality.
Death, from the physical point of view, is the degeneration from a living to a nonliving physical entity, while from the spiritual point of view it’s the degeneration from a mental being to a carnal being (animal).

Furthermore, it’s said that GOD is ‘life’; and since all things are dependent and find their being in GOD means that life is in all things – no matter their state of being. From this regard it becomes apparent that ‘being alive’ isn’t the same as ‘life”, since life is that ‘what always is and never ceases to be’, thus, life is not a building block of physical things but the essence that sustains it.

Man, being a mental being, cannot only direct and accelerate his/her own evolution process, but has to relate to the Spiritual for its wellbeing. Yet, man is born in the flesh, thus, easily persuaded by carnal pleasures and material things that blind’s man from developing his/her true nature and keeps man in its degenerated state – in this regard we might say that all man are born spiritual death.

Therefore, resurrection from the spiritual point of view means man’s deliberate choice to ‘evolve towards’ and ‘align with’ the one true GOD that can be known by all of us. Nonetheless, humanity is ‘one being’, thus, although resurrection is a personal process, ‘true resurrection’ can only when we resurrect globally and operate as one.

Glorious Easter!

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