Is our spirit still alive when we die?

Written by M.S. Lucia P and edited by Godinci

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Views not nes. Godinci 1Man always asked himself about the meaning of life and if there is life after death. Man, not knowing what death brings with it, has imagined all kinds of afterlife scenarios ranging from eternal damnation to eternal wholeness; however, most of us, especially in westernized societies, be they secular or not, have for cultural reasons mostly come to fear death.

The more we’re aging the more often we think about the inevitable ‘death’.
Evidently, also young people think about death, which brings me to my story.

I remember how once my young university professor confessed to me that she, during her entire life, was preoccupied with death. She also made her doctoral thesis about it and has now opened a clinic for people who because of their cancer face have only days to live.
A neurologist, seeing me interested in this subject, gave me a book about clinical death where I found new things about the researches on this subject.

Most of the researches made on clinical death were conducted in the USA by M.D Elisabeth Kubler Ross and M.D. Raymond Moody. The studies and experiments presented in this book clarified the fact that people, at the bottom-line, have almost the same recollections about the subject of near death experiences, and that these experiences, with the exception of the images they get, are not so much culturally biased. Also important to mention is that near death experiences (NDE) are common for religious and non-religious alike (atheist included).

Many subjects basically declared that they found themselves facing some kind of “being(s) of light” that gave them a feeling of goodness that is difficult to put accurately in words because of its unearthliness. Others confessed to have been subjected to a whole arrow of questions that were mainly dealing with their achievements here on Earth; most of these questions required that the persons had to answer about the good and bad deeds they did in their lives, i.e. things that inflected sadness or incited happiness.

At this stage it was often reported that their entire live, in all its intensity and flavors, flashed by in a matter of seconds with all the feelings contained and associated with it.


I myself also new some people that had near death experiences and have first hand experienced telepathic events with those that are passing away.

Many years ago I had a few strange dreams which I couldn’t explain. So, after a while I decided to write a story based on them, thinking that sooner or later they will explain other things that happened in my life before that.

Few months ago I watched a show on T.V. in which several events of clinical death were similarly with my dreams. Shortly, in my dreams after you were crossing the border between life and death your soul was kept for a shorter or a longer period of time in a trance that depends on each individual’s background.
Then you wake up on a beach surrounded by other souls who were all waiting for the next one-way train which will take them along a track over the ocean. At the end of the track, which happens to be in the middle of the ocean, there was a strange hotel and through its windows you could see the ocean divided in two halves, one part of the ocean was undergoing terrible storms, thunders and a heavy rain while the other half was a peaceful view with a wonderful sunset that seems to last forever. In this hotel all souls were waiting in their rooms to attend group-sessions in order to reveal their life in front of the others souls.

Another experience I had more than 15 years ago relates to a very young woman in my family that died after months of suffering from a terrible illness. The night she died I had a strange dream of her that was repeating the sentence “why don’t you call me?” over and over again. That same night at 3 o’clock I received a phone call where one of my family members informed me that she has passed away during her sleep.
After her burial I dreamt of her for several months. In my dreams she was always upset and wanted to come back. I felt sad because there was nothing I could do about it. Then one night I dreamed that I enter a room where she was talking with another woman, and then she turned towards me and said “Please my dear, do not worry about me anymore because I found my peace”, then she turned herself into a blazing light and disappeared through the ceiling.

From that day on I have never ever dreamed again of her.

Another strange event is that I once met an old man with heart problems that told me that years ago he experienced clinical death when he had a heart attack exactly in front of the hospital where his son in law was working as a doctor and assisted the whole event.
First time the doctors succeeded in reanimating him only after two minutes or so; at this stage he didn’t recollect anything.
Shortly after he lost his consciousness and heart function again and the doctors started all over again. This time it took the medics five minutes or so to bring him back to life. When he regained consciousness he remembered, as in a dream, that he kneeled on a marble plaque, at this moment all the deceased in his family appeared before him telling not to worry because he isn’t going to die yet, but only when he turned 69.

The old man also told me about a relative of his who was lying in bed for more than a year with terminal cancer and just minutes before she died she said three things she couldn’t have known, namely that a particular neighbor – without medical record or health problems – would die within a couple of months; secondly, that a cactus at the back of the garden has flourished and third that a pregnant woman who didn’t make any eco during the pregnancy will give birth to a 2.95kg boy. The old man, with enthusiastic voice, said “and you know what? All her statements have proven to be true.”

I later found out that the old man himself has passed away precisely at the age of 69.

Also my grandfather told my grandmother, just before he died, exactly when she will follow him on the other side. Again, this prediction turned out to be true according to my father.

All this brings me the following questions:

  1. Is our spirit still alive when we die?
  2. Are we getting in touch with the deceased minute before we leave this life?
  3. Is there really a heaven and hell, and if so can we be saved?
  4. What if we could find ways to interact with people going to the other dimension to improve our life here on Earth to live it to its fullest potential?
  5. Why are the images people get during NDE often dependent of their religious believes but the core experience of NDE are basically for all people the same?



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