Christmas message 2014 – Fueling our Oneness!


In religious traditions we often overlook the deeper underlying meaning of Spiritual truths through the burden of absurd dogmas and questionable things, herewith producing a spiritual vacuum.
Today, in modern society, religious celebrations, such as Christmas – the commemoration of the Birth of Christ – have therefore been transformed in humanistic festivals that are mainly characterized by dinner and exchange of gifts, to express togetherness and family love.

However, love without spirituality is as a soup without liquid, and so, to experience Christmas at its fullest potential spiritual input is needed.
Let us therefore, in step-ward fashion, through observable facts, known things, and commonsense related reasoning, try to recover the spiritual meaning of Christmas.

  • Science points out that all things came into being, and so, there has to be a Being out there that didn’t come into being, but brings into being what was not.  Such Being is what we refer to as “GOD”.
  • In Nature, birth is associated with the emergence of things through separation from that what brought it into being; yet, all things find their existence in GOD, thus, all what comes into being is not ‘separate’ but  ‘one’ with GOD.
  • Children are normally the product of an act of love, and since man is said to be in the image of GOD, means that we all, in essence, have the divine spark in us.
  • A spark, be it divine or not, can only produce fire when it has fuel to burn; and since love is that what keeps our engine going, it’s reasonable to assume that this fuel  is related to love.

And so,  to restore the spiritual dimension of Christmas we should celebrate our oneness with GOD that came about through birth; not just by showing our care for one another, but most importantly, by fueling and manifesting our love towards GOD!

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2015!

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