Mental enslavement – The perversion of marketing

Mental enslavement

The American Abraham Maslow, studied exclusively what he called “exemplar people” such as Albert Einstein and Frederick Douglass, to come up with his theory of needs, and excluded what he called the immature, weak…sick (probably homosexuals included), since this, in his view, would result in a cripple deviated ‘psychology and philosophy’.

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What is time? – Making sense of it!

What is time

For Ages people have wondered about the nature of ‘time’. Let us therefore have a brief look to what modern science has to say on this subject; after all, science claims to be the sole legitimate truth-alignments methodology that enables us to liberate us from the vicious claws of Nature by investigating, understanding and formulating Her laws in precise manner, so that She might not only be tamed, but also is forced to reveal our essence.

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Claiming our right to global prosperity! – The failure of modern society

Poverty in the modern world 1

We are living in an age marked by social difficulties and accusations because our socio-economical systems only produces false promissory notes, and generate cyclical financial crisis and loss of self. The capitalist and communist model of society have proved their nullity, and their impotence in ensuring a decent standard of living for all its population is measurable in the degree of depression, disease and dissatisfaction of its active population.

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What if dickheads were found? – The explanatory power of Darwinism


The observation that behavior in animate things is strongly influenced by hormones, and the unshakable believe in common descent, assured the adherents of materialist philosophies that behavior arouses as a consequential cocktail of Darwinian draconian time-chance error-mechanism, natural and sexual selection, and adaptive responses to external pressures and condition to which the entities are subjected to.

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What is love? Don’t ask science.

What is love?

Love plays such an important role in our life that we almost have to admit that there lays somehow a deeper underlying principle encoded within it. But what precisely is love? Here we have entered difficult grounds, since “love” means different things to different people. Although we all know what feelings “love” and “falling in love” can bring with it, feelings are personal, hence, expressing love in such terms makes it hard to define.

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