About us

“Your brain is much better than you think; just use it!”

(Leonardo Da Vinci)

A prospect for Holism

Who are we?

Godinci is an independent organization that isn’t politically, commercially, or religiously motivated, but strives to lay down the blueprints for a Baracracy that allows us to grow in accordance with our ‘true’ essence.

Our mission is threefold

  1. Restoring a truth related holistic picture of Nature and Self, such to cultivate within us the ability to elucidate the darkness of uncertainty about:
    Essence and Being, Becoming and Purpose, Bara and Evolution, Concepts and Facts, GOD and Nature…Science and fiction. (Godincilogy)
  2. Developing and implementing all tangible means to facilitate and maximize our becoming towards our cosmic purpose. (Baraneering)
  3. Transferring the acquisitioned knowledge to the World, and showing people of all walks, how we can become participative actors, each in accordance with their own mental containing capacity and skills, in the building and preservation of the Baracracy. (Media)

In this website you’ll find basic information on each of these topics.

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