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Godinci is een zelfstandige organisatie die niet politiek, commercieel of religieus gemotiveerd is, en ondermeer als doel heeft om: (1) een waarheidverwant holistisch beeld van de Natuur en ‘zelf’ te herstellen, (2) het neerleggen van een blauwdruk voor de constructie en behoud van een duurzame wereldmaatschappij die niet alleen ‘gebouwd is op’ maar ook ‘gebruikmaakt van’ de principes of harmonation, en (3) het ontwerpen en ontwikkelen van alle toetsbare middelen die onze groei ter vervulling van ons inherent kosmische doel maximaliseert.

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Initiating our spiritual exodus!

exodus gate

According to the Abrahamic narratives Adam and Eve were forced out of the Garden of Eden because of their disobedience to GOD.
This, at first, seems strange, since why would GOD forbid them of knowing what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’?

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Unwrapping our gift to claim our spiritual birthrights


During Christmas billion of Christians all over the world commemorate the New Testament narrative of the birth of Christ as a fulfillment of the Old Testament’s Messianic prophecy.
Yet, Jesus and Paul made apparent that religion and their celebrations are not about adhering to absurd doctrines and blindly believe in scriptural narratives, but rather an esoteric guideline to practical knowledge (gnosis) concerned with becoming true sons and daughters of GOD”.

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The purpose and meaning of life

meaning of life

Our modern age is claimed to be an age of ‘science and reason’, and not of ‘fairy-tales and indoctrination’.
It’s said that although there is no external purpose to life, we should pursue happiness by satisfying our needs and desires, and perpetuate our DNA in tribute to fortuitous Nature.

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Christmas message 2014 – Fueling our Oneness!


In religious traditions we often overlook the deeper underlying meaning of Spiritual truths through the burden of absurd dogmas and questionable things, herewith producing a spiritual vacuum. Today, in modern society, religious celebrations, such as Christmas – the commemoration of the Birth of Christ – have therefore been transformed in humanistic festivals that are mainly characterized by dinner and

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Laatste artikelen van LoBa (Engels)

LoBa (meaning ‘speak out’) is a special section within our website that is dedicated to all people who want to speak out and demand for the construction of a sustainable world-society of which its foundations are built on solid grounds, strives to align itself with truth, and allows us to grow as an individual and as a whole without discrimination in agreement with our essence. Godinci is therefore more than eager to share your opinion …read more

Is our spirit still alive when we die?

light tunnel NDE

Man always asked himself about the meaning of life and if there is life after death. Man, not knowing what death brings with it, has imagined all kinds of afterlife scenarios ranging from eternal damnation to eternal wholeness; however, most of us, especially in westernized societies, be they secular or not, have for cultural reasons mostly come to fear death.

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