The pathway out

What’s it about?

The pathway out is a collection of graphic novels that that aims to transfer the precepts of Godincilogy by use of adequate plots, good environmental settings and analogies that are fun, comprehensive and thoughtful to the reader.

What’s a graphic novel?

During the pharaonic era it was common in Egypt to use picture symbols to convey assumingly “the words of God” in what they called Hieroglyphs.
They also believed that Hieroglyphs had magic powers, that’s why they went to long lengths to preserve them; they even inscribed them on temple walls, objects, jewelry, etc. such to convey a part of these magic powers upon them.

Today we use graphic novels which are simply picture stories, be it fictional or not, that are presented in comic-strip format and published as a book.
Although, graphic novels do neither claim to have magic powers as the Egyptians did nor to be the words of god, their magic lays him in the fact that a good visual depiction of its plot and content helps reinforce, in a simple and pleasant way, the messages conveyed therein.

Godinci has therefore decided to use graphical novels as one of our means to transfer very basically our ideas, insights and visions to the reader.
For a more developed view and understanding we advise the readers to make use of our books, learning programs, podcasts, etc.

Our first Graphic novel from the series “the pathway out” is called “falling grounds” and will be available in the stores late 2018!