Godinci, by means of Godincilogy and an adequate use of the commonsense seek to restore a holistic picture of Nature and self that coincides with physical reality as a whole.

Our research activities within Godinci are for the moment mainly focused on:

  1. the study of Energy, Matter & Mind and how they related to each other
  2. Extracting the underlying workprinciples of Nature and self
  3. Screening and correcting where possible the fundamental laws of the natural science to let them coincides with the true nature of things
  4. investigating how to build and preserve a sustainable world-society that maximizes our becoming towards our inherent cosmic purpose

However, all questions that deal explicit or implicit with fundamental Nature and self become the object of our research within Godinci.

Here follow some topics for which Godinci by means of Godincilogy seeks to find answers for:

  • What are the fundamental forces of Nature, what is their origin and which are the principles and mechanism involved with them?
  • What is the nature of light?
  • What is the nature of reality?
  • What is the nature and origin of electrical charge?
  • What is the nature and origin of gravity?
  • What is nature and origin of magnetism?
  • Where does polarity and duality comes from?
  • What is the nature and origin of nuclear forces?
  • Where does e=mc2 comes from?
  • What is the relation between force and energy?
  • Why is there something rather than nothing?
  • What is the role of biological entities within our universe, and why did they appear?
  • How does speciation works?
  • What kind of realms are out there?
  • What are the underlying principles of evolution?
  • Where does behavior come from and how do the different kinds of behavior relates to each other?
  • Why are humans altruistic if behavior is Darwinian from nature?
  • What are the fundamental principles and mechanisms involved with love, and why do we have to fall in love?
  • What is our essence?
  • What are the different kind of behaviors with which inanimate and animate entities are bestowed with, and how do they relate to each other?
  • How does the universe in principle operate and what is its underlying structure?
  • What are the underlying principles of harmonation?
  • Do all animate things have a cosmic purpose?
  • What is existence and how does it differs from nonexistence?
  • What is the nature of consciousness?
  • What is the difference and/or relation between awareness, self-awareness and consciousness?
  • What is the nature of MIND?
  • Do we have consciousness?
  • How do true coupling- and binding forces that allow for harmonation come in to being and what are the principles involved with it?
  • How to build and preserve a sustainable society that is in line with the principles of harmonation and facilitates our becoming towards or cosmic purpose?
  • Do universal ethical principles exist and how to derive them?
  • What technologies ensure the principles of harmonation and facilitate humans becoming towards their cosmic purpose?
  • What kind of economic system should be put in place to be in line with the principles of harmonation?
  • Is there any truth potential to the claims of near death experiences ‘NDE’?
  • Is there an afterlife and how can we know?
  • What kind of education is required to maximize our becoming towards our cosmic purpose?
  • How can art be used to help us to grab Nature and self from the more profound level?
  • Is GOD factual or conceptual and how can we give substantial weight to the truth potential of GOD related things? (The subject and study of GOD is so fast that we have given it a special place within our website )

Finding truth related answers to these fundamental questions will not only allow us to better understand Nature and self, but above all to build and maintain a world-society that makes use of the universal principles of harmonation that facilitates and maximizes our becoming towards our cosmic purpose by putting in place all tangibles that are beneficial in this regard.

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