Science is the human endeavor that focuses itself mainly on deducing and understanding behavioral knowledge through testable means so that we can take advantage of Nature and make sound predictions that relate to physical reality as a whole.

Unfortunately, science, for historical reasons, has come to promote secularism on false grounds, and so, even though science is claimed to be a truth-alignment methodology its prime premises diverge diametrically from truth, consequently, science, as it stands today, is not a legitimate tool to derive the fundamental principles upon which our society should be build neither to subscribe us how we ought to conduct our lives.
If science wants to become a legitimate tool for truth-alignment than science requires to adjust her tools to be more suited to deal with the true nature of things; however, in this case, tool adjustment requires that the high priest of secular science (shortly: SS) get rid of their dogmas and reinstate commonsense as a prime attribute of good and sound science.

Under the umbrella Godincilogy within this website we’ll give you in topic “illusive science” a brief analyze of some of the problems we face with secular science as a whole; afterwards in “Why Godincilogy” we outline you how we can overcome most of these problems by use of the new methodology we came to call Godincilogy, and finally in our topic “research” we’ll outline you in brief some of the questions Godinci by means of Godincilogy seeks to find truth related answers for. Evidently, all these topics will continuously be extended in this website, and so, we advice all truth seekers to visit us from time to time to remain informed, or better, simply sign up to receive action alerts from Godinci.

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