Mission statement

Godinci is an independent organization which is not political, commercial nor religious motivated, and has as object to: (1) restore a truth related holistic picture of Nature and self, (2) lay down the blueprint for the construction and preservation of a sustainable world-society which makes ‘use of’ and ‘facilitates’ the principles of harmonation, and (3) develop and design all tangible means to maximize our becoming towards our cosmic purpose.

The hallmarks of change

Germany is governed for the first time in history by a woman and a young prominent man classified by the diehards as a descendent of Cain became, and still is, the first marked president of the USA. An energy crisis is lurking around with no perspective of clean and cheap substitutes; the credit crunch has awakened our old superpowers from hibernation while the western industrialized countries are converted little by little in industrial graveyards because it’s cheaper to do the job elsewhere.
In the meantime big corporations manage gradually to privatize Earth’s water resources, tomatoes grow bigger and bigger and stress related diseases have become the main cause of death.
Technology during the Arab spring helped to incite the mute that under the screams of freedom and justice while rattling their Kalashinkovs have replaced their fanatic dictators with religious fundamentalist, and Palestinians are still looking for a place they can call ‘home’.

Indeed, a lot of change is going on and much things that could be changed remain unchanged; yet, we have to confess that much of these changes are change for the good of change but don’t push us necessarily in the good direction.

Today, at the early beginnings of the 21st century, technology, such as the internet and mobile phones, allow us for the first time in the history of mankind to generate a global awareness; unfortunately, change doesn’t only requires that we recognize what is right and what is wrong but also learn how to implement that what is beneficial for all of us.

It’s therefore not the intention of Godinci to dictate you any special philosophy, theology, metaphysics or religious doctrine, but to foresee you from all the providential means that will enable each according to his/her mental containing capacity to not only extract and understand the true nature of things but also to deduce the underlying work-principles that precedes all natural laws.
Only thru such understandings can we cultivate within us the ability to elucidate the darkness of uncertainty about ‘essence and being’, ‘becoming and purpose’, ‘creation and evolution’, ‘concepts and facts’, ‘GOD and man’, ‘science and fiction’, and in the process of it become part of change; not “change for change”, but change that is related to the true nature of things and doesn’t only allows us to grow as individual towards our cosmic purpose but also as humanity as a whole .


It all began right after the tragic moment of 9/11 where one of our founders outlined us one of his mind-boggling discovery he made back then in 2000 – this discovery we came to call ‘the universal binding principle’; he further outlined us other important happenings that occurred during his life that all seem to be related to each other.
After serious considerations we decide to not longer give service to other companies but develop our own ideas, and so, the universal binding principle was what we were going for. We fast started translating the universal binding principle in mechanical means in accordance with our first order approach understanding but no tangible solution was found.

To see where we went wrong we started to investigate for several years all the principles and mechanism that are involved with the universal binding principle thru the prism of conventional science, yet to no avail. Most of us would probably have given up at this stage but this was not what we intended to do.

The reason hereof was twofold. firstly, the universal binding principle although overlooked by science is once conceptual understood self-evident, and secondly, it became apparent to us that most of our fundamental laws of Nature as described by science are at the primordial level seriously flawed, or better stated ‘boldly wrong’.

The transformation of the universal binding principle in any tangible mean could only happen if physical reality could be comprehended from the primordial level, and so, a common decision was taken to start anonymous with our project we came to call Godinci. Godinci had initially as goal to answer the more fundamental questions related to the principle workings of the universal binding principle so that the work-principles could be translated in tangible means, and so, much time and energy was spent in developing a (new) methodology, we came to call Godincilogy to facilitate the job.
While testing Godincilogy for its soundness it became fast apparent to us that Godincilogy was not only very efficient to come to a truth related understandings of physical reality as a whole, but also enable us to deduce most, if not all, the underlying laws and principles that precedes all physical laws so that a holistic picture of Nature could be restored.

At present we’re using Godincilogy to find a tangible mean for society’s imminent energy problem as is outlined in brief in our website under ‘the fluxator'; yet, may it be clear that because of the nature of Godincilogy, i.e. a truth alignments methodology, it becomes very efficient to understand Nature and self from the primordial level and is also why Godinci wants to transfer you this knowledge by different means.

Godinci in a nutshell

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