Some of you may wonder and ask why GOD plays such an important role in our website if we claim to not be religious motivated?

The reason is twofold:

Firstly there is a big difference between religion and GOD, that’s to say, although religion deals with men’s concepts of GOD, GOD stands separate from religion, and secondly, the factuality or none-factuality of GOD makes all the difference of the world in shaping our world to facilitate our cosmic purpose (if any). Because of the latter it becomes part of Godinci’s mission to guide, outline and demonstrate all truth seekers how each according to his/her own mental containing capacity through commonsense, observational facts and related reasoning, can by use us of Godincilogy come to fundamental insights about the factuality or none-factuality of GOD.

Under the umbrella “GOD” we’ll investigate if there is any relation between GOD and Nature, and how we can come to fundamental insights about Nature through our deduced understanding of GOD’S relation with Her (i.e Nature), so that most of the GOD -Nature related questions, such as given hereunder, become attainable.

  • Does GOD exist?
  • What is the Nature of GOD?
  • What relation has GOD with Nature and vice versa?
  • What are the laws of GOD and how do we relates to them?
  • What relation has GOD with man, and vice versa?
  • Can man be moral without GOD?
  • Why is there something rather than nothing?
  • Is man in the image of GOD and what does it mean?

For the moment in this website we’ll address briefly the first question “does GOD exist”; in a later stage we’ll focus on other related questions.

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