Learning programs

Human behavior isn’t so much instinct-driven but largely controlled by our notion of the world and self, so, we better be sure that our views are right. Given that Godincilogy allows us to produce a coherent picture of Nature that corresponds with the true nature of things Godinci finds itself morally obliged to transfer this knowledge without discrimination to all those willing to collect all the nutrients and vitals that allow us of real inner growth, not growth for growth but growth thru the acquisition of true knowledge, i.e. knowledge that is related to the true nature of things, and in line with our essence.

In this regard Godinci is carefully assessing what learning programs, materials and educational strategies should be implemented to guarantee in the first place that all truth seekers, each according to his/her own mental containing capacity and skills, and willing of using their commonsense for what it was intended to do, will be able thru means of Godincilogy to master the art of observing and commonsense reasoning so that each one of us can release the Leonardo Da Vinci that is present in all of us.

Even though there are different levels of Godinci learning programs, all our learning programs, no matter kind or level, always enables the individual to see the big picture because all fundamental things, no matter the complexity of the mechanisms involved in the behavioral processes of these things are always reducible to simple principle to which all of us can related to by means of self.

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