The World we live in

Peoples speak since ages about the higher realm of spirits, angels and other kinds of entities which seem to have nothing in particular with our physical world. For those realms to be real, it is requires that there is more in the universe then the material realm alone; We have there for written and dedicated a book with as title ‘The world we live in In the first part of our book ‘the world we live in’ we investigates the nature of physical reality and analyzes if scientific materialism holds true, that’s to say, we’ll analyze if the doctrine that ‘matter and energy is all there is’ stands scrutiny.

This is mainly done by asking several related questions concerning physical reality, and develop answers through observational facts and related commonsense reasoning. Once we get a good idea of what matter and energy is we investigate the consequences hereof, and is followed up with a brief but necessary investigation into the structure of space.

We further investigate how the inanimate and animate world relates to each other and how their enfoldment came about; we’ll also investigate how speciation occurs and how and why behavior in the different planes evolves as they did.

At this stage the reader will have understood that there is an imminent need for the development of new appropriate tools that will enable us to produce a coherent picture of our world and self without deviating from the true nature of things; this is where Godincilogy get introduced an explained to the reader without going to much in details. In brief, this book is written for all those that ponder on questions such as:

  • What is the nature of reality?
  • Where do we come from?
  • What is evolution?
  • How are the planes of the universe structured and how do they relate to each other
  • Is GOD factuality and what can be known of GOD
  • how can we produce a coherent and realistic picture of self and Nature by means of the observation of physical reality without being absurd

Of course, although the book “the world we live in” develops all basic tools that will allow you to answer most of these questions individually, it still requires that the reader engage himself/herself with the needed mental efforts to enable him/her to answer most of these question through her/his own powers.

Key concepts of the book:

Force, energy, biology, the nature of matter, why something rather than nothing? What are the minimum universal traceable conditions for the acceptance of GOD. Evolution and its limitations, the difference between animate and inanimate things, Harmonation,Structural laws, structure of space, the principles of speciation, GOD, MIND, consciousness, behavior, attus, mathematics, the structure of space and its different planes, speciation according to Godinci, the scientific method, Godincilogy, etc.  

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