The principles of harmonation

The book with as title ‘the universal principles of harmonation’ is in essence a follow up to our first book ‘the world we live in’ where we came to understand, till some extent, the nature of physical reality, its enfoldment and how the universe came into being.

The scope of the book ‘the universal principles of harmonation’ is to show the reader how, by means of Godincilogy, it becomes possible, without being absurd, to extract and comprehend Primordative, i.e.  from its essential level, most of the fundamental laws and underlying governing principles of nature that is vital for the well being of all of us.

This will be done in a stepwise manner by teaching you how to travel thru the labyrinth of space while continuously confronting you with Nature and self, so that you in the process of it will not only become able to collect, by means of Godincilogy, all vital information that is needed to extract the underlying principles of harmonation upon which the universe is built but in addition to that will comprehend till certain extend all fundamental laws of Nature with your mental eye without necessarily having to be a man of science – this privilege belongs to all of us!

In brief, this book is written for all those that ponder on questions such as:

  • What are the governing work principles of Nature as a whole?
  • What can we learn from them?
  • Is there a universal guidance principle in Nature?
  • What is polarity and where does it comes from?
  • What is information?
  • What is love?
  • How does the universal binding principle comes into being, and by which work-principles does it operate?

Key concepts:

Energy, limitations of reaction rates and biological entities, stress reduction, obstruction laws, kinds of tensions, tension adjustment mechanisms, motivation, homosexuality, transgendercy, embryology, the Primity, magnetic monopoles, duality, polarity, information, electrical charge, procreation, reproduction, attraction laws, particle spin, the physics of love, the scientific Adam, the universal binding principles, etc.

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