Falling grounds

Falling grounds will be the first graphical novels of the series ‘the way out‘ which deals with subjects varying from: self, society, Nature, science and GOD.

Plot ‘Falling grounds’

The story occurs at the end of Ceausescu’s rain when Romania was undergoing strong repression.

Prof. Vlad a theoretical physicist at the University of Bucharest is a true believer of communist principles because it promotes secularism and Darwinism which Vlad considers to be the core of scientific truths; this is in strong contrast with his lovely wife “Tamara” that is a fervent believer of the doctrines of the Orthodox Church, and a true defender of “sola scriptura”.

His good old friend the retired, national respected and seemingly crazy Prof. Novac is a fervent anticommunist that dreams of the creation of a harmonious society and has a deep inner conviction that we as humans have the moral duty to find the correct principles on which such society should be build. Novac assumes that those principals are apparent in Nature but that as long we’re driven by our animalistic nature no solution will be found, he therefore demands Vlad to investigate the whole and assures him that finding those principles will also lead to mind-boggling technological revolutions that will be beneficial for a sustainable and just society. Vlad is not in for all this because to him communism embodies all this.

Vlad’s secular ideas start crumbling when he realizes that the scientific method as it stands today doesn’t allow him to go to the bottom of things; he believes, to the horror of his wife, that science just as religion is empty at the bottom. All this changes when Vlad, under the coincidental but watchful eye of special agent (secret police) “PREDA” that after 20 years extensive service as in Timisoara, is assigned with operation “BUG” finds an article on the street floor with as title “THE WAY OUT”.

Vlad realizes that Novac could be right so they decide to invite the Belgian scholar and inventor with the name “Sally” of which there was mention in the article to help them out. When PREDA realize that Novac, which is often in the company of Vlad, is now one else than his school teacher of long time ago that mocked him often in front of the other student’s because of his lack of own opinion things become very personal for PREDA.

The arrival of the Sally in their midst increases Preda’s suspicion, he suspects that Sally is an CIA agent that wants to spread capitalist ideas and help to overthrow the Ceausescu regime. Preda is convinced that Novac is behind all this. Unfortunately, Novac isn’t aware of the danger they’re in because he, due to the high level of radiation Preda was exposed to during the Chernobyl burnout while in visit to his aunt in Ukraine, doesn’t longer recognize the face of his old pupil ‘Preda’.

Preda is convinced!

This is not only his opportunity to come to terms with his old mocker ‘Novac’ but also the moment to realize his own dream of becoming the nation’s true communist hero by cracking down this presumably dangerous plot.

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