GEET = global essence education tools

On the human level transformational power finds its roots in knowledge that comes in all kinds of flavors, e.g. the flavor of deception, corruption…manipulation, are all variations hereof.

History makes clearly apparent how nations such as the Roman empire, the third Reich and the former soviet union were all able to suffocate other nations and people by upholding their flavor cards of knowledge.
However, true knowledge should always serve all people and nations as individual and as a whole, hence, true knowledge is characterized by its potential of allowing us to reproduce a coherent mental picture of Nature and self that coincides with the true nature of things.

Education plays therefore a fundamental role in and for society since it should prepare and incite people that are part of the society in question to engage them with becoming functional members within this society, or as writes on their website, I quote:

‘Education should be a means to empower children and adults alike to become active participants in the transformation of their societies.”

Of course, being functional members of a society doesn’t mean that the people within the society live a moral life or that the burdens of society allow them from true inner growth; all depends on our vision and understanding of Nature and self, and so, if we want to build a sustainable world-society of which its inner-workings are built upon the universal principles of harmonation and maximizes individually and collectively (i.e. without discrimination) our becoming towards our cosmic purpose within that society it’s required that we understand Nature and self from the primordial level.

In other words:

If we want to guarantee that all of us in function of our qualities and skills can contribute to the construction and improvement of a sustainable world-society that is based on the universal principles of harmonation and maximizes our becoming towards our cosmic purpose, than we, each according to our own mental containing capacity and without discrimination, should not only to some extend individual or collectively be enabled to construct a coherent and truth related picture of Nature and self but also cultivate the inner-capacity to deduce and derive the universal principles of harmonation (or at least to grab them)

GEET should therefore focus on the transfer and acquisition of true knowledge, as was mentioned above, and is why Godinci based on Godincilogy is in the process of developing a variety of global essence educational tools (GEET) to unleash all truth seekers from the smog of illusions that darkens the psyche and blocks us from inner-growth that is in line with our essence.

Under the umbrella GEET (we’ll) include topics such as:

  • learning programs
  • Books
  • Broadcast media
  • OEPS i.e. games, apps, gadgets etc.

Evidently, all these topics will continuously be extended in this website, and so, we advice all truth seekers to visit us from time to time to remain informed or simply sign up to receive action alerts.

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