The fluxator

Our emergent energy demands, growing environmental awareness and exponential population growth, brings new challenges with it that are hard to deal if we don’t find the appropriate solutions. Today, most of our energy devices make use of natural fuels and are said to be based on energy conversion, that’s to say, we make use of one form of so called potential or kinetic energy, and convert it by means of a device such as turbine or generator into other types of energy. The problem with natural fuels is that we do not only burn them faster than Nature can produce but also pollute faster than nature can purify!

People nowadays want to break the spell by going green, and so, alternative energy, which mainly means the conversion of a renewable energy source such as the kinetic energy of wind, water or the radiation energy of sun into electrical energy, is called to the rescue. Although Alternative energy has certain potentials most of them are strongly geographic and environmental confined, hence have nothing universal to them.

Besides that, almost all of the grand scale  alternative energy solutions have serious issues to them; we’ll give you a couple of examples to make this point clear.

Much vigor and resources has been invested for the extraction of wind energy thru the construction of huge windmills parks that are often government funded, however, studies have shown that windmills affect seriously the ecosystem as a consequence of deforestation, excavation and erosion that destroys animal habits, besides that flying birds and animals while engaging in their daily business often get guillotined by the giant wings of the windmills . And last but not least our picturesque landscape get strongly disfigured, home values drop and people leaving close by reportedly suffer from the wind turbine syndrome.

Also fuel cells at present can not foresee us in the long run of our exponential energy demands because if we want to implement them it on industrial and planetary scale than the hydrogen needed to run these cells has to be extracted from fossil fuels by pollutive means. Of course, we could always go nuclear but does the advantage covers the damage in case of a nuclear disaster and are the principles in line with the universal principles of harmonation? We’re sure Chernobylians and Fukushimians will be prompt and coherent in their response to the first part of this question.

How to find a solution?

Finding real solutions often demand a paradigm shift.

It’s not that there is a lack of useful energy out there (energy is all around us), we just got blindfolded by our concept of space and energy conservation that we are looking in the wrong directions for real alternatives.

While investigating the universal principles of harmonation we came to understand the work-principle by which movement-transfer thru induction operates; we also came to understand the work-principles by which the universal binding force comes into being. After further investigation it became apparent to us that the movement transfer produced by certain induction forces are direct proportional with the amount of matter contained in the space-perturbator we came to call FLUXATOR whereas the operational energy of the FLUXATOR is direct proportional with the area and perturbation power of the FLUXATOR and is not a function of the quantity of matter contained within the fluxator.

We quickly came to realize that:

  1. thru our understanding of these work-principles we could finally try to investigate with which work-mechanism mother Nature on the matter-particle level is bestowed with that allows the matter-particles to behave as such
  2. deducing and understanding these work-mechanisms would guarantee us of revolutionary and feasible solutions to our emergent energy-problem that is not only completely in line with the principles of harmonation but above all not location dependent and focusable on small areas above and under-ground without having to claim resourceful agricultural ground or destroying the fragile ecosystem.

We’re now finally in the process of deducing these work-mechanism and  transform the acquisitioned knowledge in our first tangible mean; otherwise put, we’re now in the process of analyzing how to build a Fluxator through our collected understanding of Nature and self.

Some people may wonder how a small self-sustaining organization as Godinci could ever come-up with a solution to our imminent energy problem while most prestigious universities, big corporations and mighty governments spend billions and billions in just trying to do so.

What people often forget to realize is that the biggest ideas, regardless their nature, never come from the swarm but most often from individual just as you and me, or at best from a small group of people that want to liberate themselves from the ruling dogma. Just think of Aristotle, Leonardo Da Vinci, Faraday, Newton, the Wright brothers and Tesla to name a few.
Where big corporations and government come in is in refinement and implementation of these ideas on a grand scale.

Faraday didn’t have to build a sophisticated electromotor or generator able of powering a vehicle to demonstrate the principle of electromagnetic induction; in this case it’ was sufficient to show that moving an iron bar inside a metallic wired coil produces an electric field and/or that moving a magnet in the metal coil produces an electric field within the coil.

The same holds true for the fluxator, that’s to say, it’s enough for Godinci to demonstrate by tangible means the principle involved with it and afterwards look for partners that are able and willing to refine and build those fluxators on industrial scale and implement them on planetary level for the benefice of the world-society as a whole.

It’s not in our intention now to present you any technical details of the fluxator, as we, for strategic reasons, take the position that Godinci and Godinci alone should be the first to demonstrate by tangible means the soundness of our conclusions. However, you might be sure that you in the near future will definitely hear from us and that the solution is just a matter of time.

Of course, amazing claims require amazing proof which is precisely what Godinci sets out to do for you.

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