Humans, just as all animate things, are subject to adaptive evolution, however, the adaptive features of humans is not so much of physical or biological nature – humans, in comparison with animate things, clearly lack in these potentials – nevertheless, we humans can bypass these shortcomings thru our capacity of observation and related reasoning which enables us to understand, shape and take advantage of Nature so that  problem solving behavior can be produced from it that largely over-weighs our physio-biological shortcomings.

Evolution, starting from humans, in contrast to evolution of primates and all the lower animate entities is therefore directional and not purely Nature-driven.

The fact that humans have a high level of freewill clearly suggest that what is predestined to us is not longer strongly enforced upon us but that in the normal case it’s our notion of the world that will cultivate behavioral patterns within us that will push us towards certain inclinations. Evidently, here is also where the problem lays since a wrong understanding of self and the world as a whole will definitely not be fruitful for our specie as a whole.

This having said we might be certain that human evolution, in contrast to animal evolution, is not longer simply a matter of adaptation to external pressures and circumstances but overall a directional process that can be accelerated by all of us.

What rules of conduct to play with?

Trying to pin down the principles of ethics has long been the business of institutionalized religions, metaphysics and philosophy leading to a multiplicity of “moral theories”. Today it’s the turn of secular science to gaze for superior fishing grounds; unfortunately this happens by blocking the drain pipe with secular nonsense, herewith transforming any potential oasis in a putrid pool of mud – (see our topic illusive science in this purpose).
Establishing the correct set of rules, principles and mechanism requires that we, among other things, have truthful knowledge and understanding of our essence and being that coincides with the true nature of things.

In Nature there is a special kind of evolution that does not only facilitates GOD’S primordial and further underlying aims, but also facilitates the entities becoming towards their cosmic purpose (if any).

  • The area within evolution where self-autonomous entities, in one way or the other, act in such way that their behavior is not only beneficial for them and their environment as a whole, but also facilitate their becoming towards their cosmic purpose is referred to by Godinci as harmonation’.

It’s vital to understand that Harmonation is more than just being part of a system in harmony because if we want to model our society in such way that it allows us to grow towards our cosmic purpose than the difference has clearly to be understood.

A good example of a system in harmony is an ecosystem.

In an ecosystem the animate entities do not from themselves have to see thru that their ecosystem is maintained, given that the status quo of an ecosystem gets regulated by:

  1. the summation of all individual actions of the entities themselves while each one is doing what they supposedly have to do for their self-performability
  2. a well-balanced accumulation of environmental conditions and processes within that system.

Unfortunately, Gaiaists often seem to overlook this fact, but may it be clear that building a human-society solely on the principles of an ecosystem will in the long run always be doomed. Of course, there where is harmonation there is harmony, yet the reverse is not always true.

If we want to build a sustainable world-society which facilitate the universal principles of harmonation and maximizes our becoming towards our cosmic purpose than we have to deduce, formulate, develop and implement the best socio-psycho rules of conduct and goal attaining tools that allows for the fructification of it all.

Another important thing to understand is that all the universal principles of harmonation are inherent and written in the hearts of all of us; this explains undoubtedly why people can be moral without acknowledging GOD because that what is inherent in the heart is always mental recoverable.
However, may it be clear that although these universal principles are inherent in us they’re  not a byproduct of culture and/or of a neo-Darwinian mechanism as secular humanist claim – to give a parallel; most of you reading or hearing this text could all live without your parents but this doesn’t mean that you would have been here without them.

Furthermore, we, Godinci, see no point in accepting for example that the 613, 10 or two commandments that we can find in the Bible, or all other commandments of other so-called holy books, are the written dictations of GOD since the true commandments where not orally dictated by GOD and penned down by man, but as said before, are simply inherent and recoverable principles by all of us – claiming otherwise is foolish.
To make this point clear just imagine for this purpose that all holy books were destroyed by a natural disaster and that no written record or recollection of any of the penned commandments remained, then by which commandments should the population live their life? Should we have to wait for another messiah or another burning bush?

In brief; the fact that the universal ethical principles are deducible by all of us gives us the possibility, for once and for all, to build a society that:

  1. makes use of these universal ethical principles
  2. facilitates the principles of harmonation
  3. maximizes our becoming towards our cosmic purpose

Such a society is by definition always universal in nature, and is reproducible by all beings having sufficient mental containing capacity and are strongly rooted in commonsense.

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