We hear you thinking “what is Baraneering?

Allow us to outline this briefly to you.

It’s not enough to produce a vision of Nature and self that coincides with the true nature of things, we should also transform the acquisitioned knowledge in tangible means. Godinci is therefore convinced that it is the moral duty of any respectable being, endowed with enough mental containing capacity, to strive to transform the acquisitioned knowledge of the analytic form of Godincilogy into practical applications, by observing, designing and or reproducing the (best) tangibles that are prolific, and beneficial, for the instauration and preservation of a world-society as a whole that facilitates the universal principles of harmonation, and maximizes our becoming towards our cosmic purpose. The applied form of Godincilogy is what we’ll call Baraneering.

In a sense we might say that ‘Baraneering’ is to ‘Godincilogy’ as ‘engineering’ is to ‘science’, i.e. science, just as Godincilogy, tends to explore and discover the laws of Nature, while engineering, just as Baraneering, tends to transform the acquisitioned knowledge in to tangible means.
However, the difference between ‘Baraneering and engineering’ and ‘Godincilogy and science’ is that Baraneering, in contrast to engineering, only tries to develop tangibles that facilitate the universal principles of harmonation, maximizes our becoming towards our cosmic purpose, and is beneficial for the world-society as a whole; while Godincilogy, in contrast to science, focuses rather on the underlying work-principles of Nature and self, and not so much on the work-mechanisms and structural laws since these are in essence always consequential (meaning secondary) in nature, hence, doesn’t allow us to derive a holistic picture of Nature and self.

From this regard a person that is professional engaged with Baraneering will be called upon as Baratis,  while a person that is professional engaged with Godincilogy will be called upon as ‘Godincilogist’. For clarity, an engineer, teacher, artist, architect, sociologist. psychologist, mathematician, medic, therapist, environmentalist, farmer, or cook, can all be Baratists.

Under the umbrella ‘Baraneering’ you’ll find all topics dealing with the applied form of Godincilogy, and includes for this moment on our website topics as:

  • Technology
  • SPENG (Socio-Psycho ENGineering)
  • ART
  • Alignment techniques
  • Medical science & health
  • Education*

*Education is separately dealt with in our site and can be found under ‘GEET‘.

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